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Apple ordered to pay $625.6 million to VirnetX over patent infringement

A Federal jury awarded VirnetX $625.6 million over patents covering VPN on Demand, FaceTime and iMessage.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

A Federal jury has ordered Apple to pay $625.6 million in damages and royalties to VirnetX Holding Corp. for violating patents.

An ongoing patent suit between Apple and VirnetX had gone to jury in the East Texas Federal District Court after a week hearings. VirnetX initially asked for $532 million. The latest trial began Jan. 25.

VirnetX won a 2012 lawsuit against Apple over patents that cover everything from FaceTime to VPN on Demand to iMessage. A verdict awarding $368.2 million in damages was thrown out on appeal in 2014.

From there, VirnetX got a retrial.

The verdict from the ruling today is here.

VHC Verdict form by Markman Advisors

It's likely that Apple will appeal. VirnetX describes itself as a software company but has used its patent portfolio to go after Cisco and Microsoft as well as Apple.

Shares of VirnetX surged as high as 92 percent after hours and were up 80 percent to $8.60 at last check. The company closed at 4.79, up nearly 30 percent, on Wednesday.

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