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ATM take-up strong among corporates - UB

UB Networks has slashed prices by up to a third on its ATM and desktop switch products, saying adoption of Automatic Transfer Mode (ATM) technology in corporate networks is growing strongly.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

UB's GeoRim/Edt Desktop Switch has dropped from £2,640 + VAT to £2,310 + VAT; the GeoRim/Edt with 100Base-T has fallen from £3,470 + VAT to £2,725 + VAT; and the GeoLink/RA ATM Uplink for GeoRim/E has fallen from £5,785 + VAT to £4,000 + VAT.

"ATM's pretty solid now," said Steve Brigden, UK product marketing manager for UB Networks. "A lot of corporates are actively pursing ATM solutions and there are a lot more products and [mature] standards around now."

UB Networks can be contacted by telephone on 01628-828300.

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