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Australian broadband adoption accelerates

Broadband take-up in Australia had edged past the half-million milestone, according to the latest statistics
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor
The number of broadband connections in Australia passed the 500,000 milestone at the end of June, according to new statistics released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

ACCC chairman, Graeme Samuel, said the organisation's latest report, released today, revealed that "as at the end of June 2003, there were 516,900 broadband services connected across Australia, up from 258,100 at the same time last year… [representing] an annual increase of more than 100 percent".

Samuel added: "Even more significant is that the per quarter growth rate appears to be improving after two quarters of relatively flat growth.

"Broadband connections grew at a rate of 22 percent across April -- June 2003.

"This is an improvement from the 16.5 percent and 16.4 percent per quarter growth that was reported across January -- March 2003 and October -- December 2002, respectively".

Internet users sought out DSL as their high-speed Internet technology of choice, with take-up rising from 218,800 in the January -- March 2003 quarter to 288,100 in the April -- June 2003 quarter.

"DSL continues to stamp its authority as the preferred broadband technology for many Australians," Samuel said. "By comparison there were only 215,400 cable services connected at June 2003, an increase of only 53 percent since June 2002".

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