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Australian IT jobs on the road to recovery

Over one in five IT firms predict hiring increases in the next quarter
Written by James Pearce, Contributor

The Australian IT industry is on the way to recovery after the devastation of 11 September, according to the latest TMP Worldwide Job Index.

A national survey of more than 6,000 employers showed that 30 percent of local IT firms predict hiring increases in the next quarter. With 8.2 percent of firms intending to downsize, the net positive effect is 21.8 percent.

South Australian employers are the most confident with a whopping 75 percent net effect. The survey also showed that small IT firms with less than 20 staff will be the most prolific hirers, with a net of 25.5 percent looking to recruit in the next quarter.

NSW IT employers have a net effect of 15.1 percent, which is a hearty increase in optimism compared to the last survey, which showed a net effect of 11 percent of employers looking to hire.

Employers are looking for people to fill plenty of core computer/information technology vacancies this coming quarter, and sales staff will also be in demand. This is seen as good news, because companies only hire sales staff when they think there is business to be won.

The TMP Worldwide Job Index, (formerly the Morgan and Banks Job Index), is the largest survey of it's type in Australia and covers the intentions of employers of more than three million people.

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