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Australians quick to switch mobile providers: Study

A total of 46 percent of Australians have switched mobile providers in the last three years, according to a study by analyst firm Telsyte.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor

Almost half of all Australian mobile users have switched their service provider in the last three years, according to a study released by analyst firm Telsyte.

The report was based on market sizing, forecast mobile services uptakes, reviews of Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, and the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market, and a survey of customers. It showed that 46 percent of Australian subscribers had switched their provider in the last three years, with many switching due to dissatisfaction with their current provider or lucrative deals from the smaller players.

A major factor in the churn in the last three years would have been Vodafone's customer drain, which saw 2.5 million customers leave the telco since 2010 — something that the company has begun to stop with the addition of new customers in November and December 2013.

Telsyte found that half of those who switched providers in the last 12 months went to MVNOs, and the firm said that this trend would continue as awareness of the smaller competitors in the industry grows. The forecast comes despite a recent industry trend for consolidation and mobile network operators ending their agreements with a number of MVNOs.

Telsyte analyst Alvin Lee said that 40 percent of users are considering switching in the next 12 months, and Optus reseller Amaysim and Telstra were named the top providers on factors including network reliability, coverage, price, and customer service.

He said that those considering switching their mobile service are more likely to switch if they have experienced an unexpectedly high mobile bill.

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