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AWS resolves connectivity issues with Telstra and Optus

Amazon Web Services has resolved and restored connectivity to customer networks and the AP-Southeast-2 Region after Telstra and Optus customers reported internet connection issues.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has resolved a connectivity issue that was preventing Telstra and Optus customers from accessing any AWS hosted websites on Friday morning.

According to the AWS status page, all issues have been resolved and connectivity has been restored.

The announcement was made almost an hour after internet connectivity issues were experienced. According to AWS, there were connectivity issues between some of its customer networks and the AP-Southeast-2 Region, as well as connection to non-AWS locations.

AWS confirmed one of those customer networks included Telstra, while Optus customers tweeted that they were facing similar issues.

"We experienced an Internet connectivity issue due to an impairment within Telstra's network which affected traffic from some end-user networks and the AP-SOUTHEAST-2 Region," AWS wrote on its status page.

AWS, however, at the time noted connectivity to instances and services within the region was not impacted.

Both Telstra and Optus had not responded to a request for comment by the time of publication.

The issue comes after Telstra's network was down for the second time in as many months on Thursday, with the telco unable to determine the root cause. The outage on Thursday was experienced across the country, with smartphones stuck on "SOS only" or "no service", unable to connect to either data or voice services.

As compensation for the network disruption, Telstra announced it will offer free data to customers on Sunday April 3. Telstra last offered a free data day on February 14, following its national network outage on February 9.

In the wake of the latest outage, Telstra CEO Andy Penn said the company will conduct a review of its network engineering.

"While this is unrelated to a network outage last month, the congestion caused by people reconnecting to the network was similar," he said. "Following the last event we started a major process and engineering review of the network, which includes global network experts, to understand how it occurred.

"We will add the lessons learned from this incident to that review."

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