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Barclaycard, Orange launch contactless credit card

The card allows users to make payments of up to £10 by waving the it over an NFC reader, similar to the Oyster smartcards used by London commuters
Written by Natasha Lomas, Contributor

Barclaycard and Orange have launched a contactless credit card — the first fruit of a strategic partnership between the credit card company and network operator announced last year.

The contactless credit card includes technology that enables users to make payments of up to £10 by waving the card over an NFC reader — in much the same way London commuters pay for their journeys using an Oyster card.

Barclaycard - contactless credit card

The contactless credit card from Barclaycard and Orange

The card also has a mobile tie-in, with automated SMS alerts to help customers keep track of their balance and payment due dates, and customisable SMS spending alerts, plus the ability to set spending caps and even block usage online, abroad and for high-value transactions.

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