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Bet-mad Brits stake claim on Euro domination

With nearly one million Brits regularly visiting cyber casinos...
Written by Gemma Simpson, Contributor

With nearly one million Brits regularly visiting cyber casinos...

Brits make up nearly one-third of Europe's 3.3 million regular online gamblers, government research has revealed.

Online gambling has more than doubled in the last five years with nearly one million Britons regularly logging on and placing bets.

The regular European gambler spends an average of £1,000 a year in the online casinos, which tots up to a yearly spend of £3.5bn across Europe.

Tessa Jowell, secretary of state for culture, media and sport said the research shows online gambling is on the rise but said moderating, rather than banning should be the way forward.

The research was conducted prior to the US passing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act to crack down on online gambling companies by making it illegal for US banks and credit card companies to make payments to online gambling sites.

Shortly after the anti-online gambling act was passed online gambling sites began a losing streak, being ousted from FTSE indices and getting ready to suspend US business.

The UK houses 70 online betting sites out of the 2,300 worldwide. Jowell said online gambling companies will be welcomed in Britain "because we believe that by allowing those who want to gamble to do so over the counter, not under the counter is the best way to protect children and vulnerable people and keep out crime".

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