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Big Brother: The inside story

Internet users assume the role of Big Brother this week on the Channel Four Web site located at www.channel4.com/bigbrother/
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor
The Big Brother Web site went live on Friday 14th July, and since its launch has received more than seven and a half million visitors. Host of the site, Intel, is having to cope with "the heaviest load any server facility has ever had in this country". ZDNet News brings you daily coverage of life in the Big Brother household in our exclusive Big Brother Files. How will the site cope with demand? How will the ten volunteers cope without any access to technology or the outside world? Who will be the first to walk the bridge of shame? Who will survive the nine weeks and walk away with £70,000? THE ZDNET EYE:
Big Brother Web site in top 30
Thu, 31 Aug Big Brother Web site more popular than choosing a holiday destination Big Brother costs UK business £1.4m a week
Fri, 25 Aug Big Brother is crashing corporate networks and costing businesses £1.4m a day, and that's without Nick! Hacking could cost Spanish Big Brother $4m
Fri, 25 Aug Twenty-four hour surveillance is not enough for fans of Spanish Big Brother Pranksters hit Big Brother nomination lines
Thu, 24 Aug Telephone rigging could push out Irish Thomas Jane Wakefield: Big Brother is watching you
Mon, 21 Aug And we are watching Big Brother -- but are we watching it on the TV or the Net? TV pulls rank over Big Brother's Web operation
Fri, 18 Aug Was it a genuine mistake to pull Big Brother's live Web coverage, or just a ploy to protect TV audience figures? Channel 4 cuts Big Brother Web feed
Thu, 17 Aug Nick has finally been busted, but why did Channel 4 interrupt the live Web broadcast? Big Brother Live
Fri, 28 Jul Big brother is big, but so is the pressure on the popular Web site Big Brother Files: Wednesday
Wed, 26 Jul Enemy lines are closing in on Sada and Caroline as the public vote draws to a close, but will Sada stick it out till Friday? Exclusive: Big Brother was hit by DoS attack
Tue, 25 Jul Hackers hit Channel 4's Big Brother Web site last Tuesday with what has been described as a "massive denial of access (DoS)attack" Big Brother Files: The evictions start
Tue, 25 Jul D-Day has finally arrived for the first eviction nominations,and the household's results are already in Big Brother Files: Monday
Mon, 24 Jul Innocent chickens are forced into the corrupt world of gambling with Ladbrokes offering odds of one to four that one of them will be supper before the first eviction Big Brother Files: Friday
Fri, 21 Jul Sex seems to be taking second place to drink on the householders' agenda as they issue the desperate plea: "Can we have some more alcohol?" Big Brother Files: Thursday
Thu, 20 Jul Andrew is drooling over Mel the "token black girl", and admits he'd "love to shag her" Hackers watching Big Brother
Wed, 19 Jul Intel suspect a 'denial of access' hacker attack could have been the reason for technical teething problems on Big Brother's Web site, says source Brits give up privacy in Big Brother show
Fri, 14 Jul Ten lucky contestants will live for nine weeks in a house with no technology, even radio or television Big Brother mania is sweeping the country and the craze is leaving Tony Westbrook somewhat suprised as to why we are all so fascinated with this rather voyeuristic and slightly tacky form of entertainment. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment. Got a comment about Big Brother? How would modern society cope without its myriad of technology? Tell the Mailroom. And read what others have said.
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