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Bill Gates 'shot dead' in LA

Mock documentary reveals 'assassination' of Microsoft boss...
Written by Will Sturgeon, Contributor

Mock documentary reveals 'assassination' of Microsoft boss...

A film portraying the assassination of Microsoft boss Bill Gates is to be screened later this month at the Slamdance film festival. The mock documentary, called Nothing So Strange, is set around the fictional shooting of the Seattle tycoon in December 1999 from the roof of a Los Angeles hotel. According to reports, the film borrows heavily from Oliver Stone, with conspiracy theories of JFK-esque proportions. Gates' own Lee Harvey Oswald is political activist Alek Hiddel who believed by killing the world's richest man he could spark a class war - though the official investigation draws scepticism from a general public mindful of a corrupt police force. The film opens on 13 January at Utah's Slamdance film festival. Gates part is played by full-time Gates impersonator Steve Sires.
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