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Borders announces their $140 Kobo Wireless eReader

Borders started out with the lowest cost ebook reader with the Kobo, but then others came back with ones at lower prices with WiFi. They have now fired back with their own WiFi model to get back in the game.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I took a look at the Kobo eReader back in May when it was getting ready to roll out at $149. The ebook reader market then dropped prices significantly when both Barnes and Noble and then Amazon dropped the prices of their Nook and Kindle devices with WiFi down to $149 and $139. Kobo and Borders today announced their WiFi version in this price range as the Kobo Wireless eReader available on 1 November for $139.99. You can pre-order one now in black, white, or lavender.

The Kobo Wireless eReader is similar to the B&N Nook with more open support than the Amazon Kindle so you can both purchased and read content from the Borders ebook store, powered by Kobo, while also getting free ebooks from your local public library through Adobe Digital Editions. The Kobo Wireless eReader also supports books you purchase at other stores that are in EPUB format, free classics available at a number of online repositories, and native PDF files. The Kobo Wireless eReader comes loaded with 100 classics out of the box so you can start reading ebooks right away.

Specifications and features of the Kobo Wireless eReader include:

  • 6 inch eInk display with 16-grayscale support
  • 1 GB integrated memory with SD card, up to 4GB, for additional storage
  • Longer lasting battery, compared to older Kobo eReader
  • Faster page turns than older Kobo eReader
  • Dimensions of 4.7 x 7.2 x 0.4 inches thick and 8 ounces in weight

I like the quilted back, covered in soft touch rubber, on the Kobo that is available in three colors in this model.

Borders also announced Area-e, the company’s new in-store digital hub, with full-service access to test drive and purchase eReaders, and to download millions of titles from Borders’ eBook store.

You can also read your Kobo books using the Kobo application on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android device, and BlackBerry smartphone as well as your PC or Mac.

The great thing about this announcement for consumers is that you now can go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders and get an ebook reader with wireless support for $130 to $140 and we may see some special deals in time for the holidays that make ebook readers the item for this holiday season.

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