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British cat acquires dot-com stock options

Ziggy, the first feline tech stock owner, is hoping to become a fat cat when Intersaver.co.uk floats
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

A British cat has set a precedent in the world of dot-com stock trading by acquiring stock options in a UK start-up, it was revealed Wednesday.

The investment-savvy feline, which, incidentally is black and white and called Ziggy, has apparently been given the options for his long standing contribution to the success of the online discount retail company Intersaver.co.uk.

"It started as a joke, really," says co-founder Rachel Hawkwood. "But everyone kept talking of Ziggy as if he were a colleague, so we signed some shares over to him. It might sound silly, but he was a real tonic in the stressful early days of the company. He would pad around the office and his friendly face would have a calming effect. He certainly earned his cut."

Intersaver.co.uk has not yet floated, although Hawkwood believes Ziggy "would make a killing" if it did. She does not say how many options the lucky moggy has been awarded but suggests he might uses his new found riches to buy "a gold mouse".

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