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Brits want technology to do work for them

The Brits love gadgets -- especially ones that save on chores -- according to a survey published Monday
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

The study -- 'The British and Technology' -- was conducted by MORI on behalf of technology firm Motorola and is designed to show the impact of technology on the lifestyles of the British public.

Labour-saving devices are the most popular technology applications. Almost half of the British public would like an oven that recognises the food they put in and automatically cooks it and 40 percent would like a washing machine with only one button. Nearly 20 percent are hoping that technology developments will finally free them from domestic chores.

The Brits are not a nation particularly at home with technology. Almost half feel they are not up to date with IT and 46 percent see IT as a threat to jobs. This is also reflected in the popularity of the Internet. Internet usage would soar if it were available via the TV rather than the PC, the survey finds, with over a quarter claiming the telly would be their preferred method of getting online.

The huge demand for cheap or free Internet usage models is also reflected -- over half of the surfing population wants free telephone access to the Internet. Faster connection speeds (cited by 49 percent) and quicker downloads (44 percent) are seen as the most urgent improvements needed to make surfing more enjoyable.

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