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BT fixes broadband glitch

Bit like giving someone a present and forgetting the batteries
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

Bit like giving someone a present and forgetting the batteries

BT believes it has fixed a technical problem that meant broadband was unavailable to many customers at several newly upgraded local exchanges. The telco said on Monday that the fault had been caused by a problem with one type of line card used in its local exchanges, and that a solution had been found. BT would not disclose which manufacturer was responsible, but explained that it was a new model of line which it had only recently begin using in its exchanges. "We're back on track now," a BT Wholesale spokeswoman said, explaining that affected users should now be able to enjoy broadband. "We've installed another type of line card, and things are working fine," she added. It is thought that at least five local exchanges were hit by the problem. Embarrassing for BT, these were places where local campaigners had worked hard to bring ADSL to their area, via the BT broadband registration scheme. Back in April, BT also suffered a similar fault. On that occasion, it blamed technical problems with Fujitsu kit for a glitch that prevented ADSL customers from getting online. Graeme Wearden writes for ZDNet UK
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