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BT names next towns to get fibre upgrades

The company has announced its third phase of fibre exchange updates, which aims to bring super-fast broadband to 10 million homes by 2012
Written by Natasha Lomas, Contributor

BT has announced the third swathe of exchanges it will be loading with its fibre-based superfast broadband, the next phase of its £1.5bn next-generation upgrade programme to make fibre available to 10 million homes by 2012.

Three-quarters of these premises (7.5 million homes) will get fibre to the cabinet technology, which enables up to 40Mbps broadband, as it still relies on copper lines for the last mile, while a quarter (2.5 million premises) will get full fibre to the home, enabling up to 100Mbps broadband.

The third phase of BT's fibre exchange upgrades is the biggest so far, with 303 exchanges set to get fibre between autumn 2010 and summer 2011, some four million customer lines.

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