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BT puts 10p limit on business calls

But we bet they've done their bill analysis homework...
Written by Tony Hallett, Contributor

But we bet they've done their bill analysis homework...

BT has announced a calling scheme that guarantees business users won't pay more than 10p from per voice call - no matter when or where they call in the UK, as long as the call lasts less than an hour. The telco said BT Business Plan, available today and backed up by new advertising campaigns, is primarily aimed at simplifying complicated tariff structures, doing away with local and long-distance price distinctions. Users need a minimum annual spend of £500 to qualify for the package and the tariff cannot be used for calls to mobiles, premium rate numbers or dial-up internet access. Quarterly analysis of calling patterns and reductions after time are part of the deal, which marks the beginning of changes to the way BT supplies business telephony services. Other providers, especially mobile operators and bulk voice resellers, also offer variations on online bill viewing and simplified tariffs to attract businesses and consumers.
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