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BT seeks 900 new recruits for cybersecurity boost

Company views the growing need for security experts as lucrative territory and wants to increase its job pool by a third.
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor
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BT is increasing personnel to help both families and enterprises stay secure.

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BT is looking to recruit 900 staff for its security division, adding to its existing team of 2,500.

And there is good news for youngsters, as the company wants to include 170 graduates and apprentices in that number.

According to BT, the revenue from its security operations is already growing at an unspecified double-digit rate. The company handles a wide range of security needs for its customers, including antivirus and parental controls to help protect families in their home, through to managed security services for businesses and governments.

It plans to take on the recruits over the next 12 months. New staff will work across a range of cybersecurity and related support services roles. Graduates and apprentices will undergo training in areas including physical security, penetration testing, threat intelligence, risk management, security operations, and sales.

"A number of high-profile security and data breaches have dominated the headlines in recent months," said the president of BT Security, Mark Hughes."This has led to a surge in interest from both consumers and IT departments wanting to know how best they can protect themselves in the digital world."

As well as hiring from universities, BT is hoping to find talent by taking part in a number of hackathon-style competitions, including the Cyber Security Challenge UK and the international Cambridge 2 Cambridge cybersecurity challenge.

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