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BT superfast broadband: 41 market towns to get fibre

Bevy of market towns to get FTTC - did you make it onto the list?
Written by Natasha Lomas, Contributor

Bevy of market towns to get FTTC - did you make it onto the list?

BT has named 41 market towns around the UK that will get fibre broadband access as part of its £2.5bn next-generation broadband rollout.

All the listed market towns will now be included in BT's fibre rollout and are set to get access to up to 40Mbps broadband via fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology by spring next year.

Towns on the list include Dorking in Surrey, Filey in North Yorkshire and Oswestry in the West Midlands. The vast majority of the market towns are located in England, with only one town in Wales - Pontycymmer - and three in Scotland - Bathgate, Dalkeith and Edinburgh Musselburgh. (Click here to see the full list of towns.)

Filey: BT names 41 market towns to get fibre broadband access

Filey in North Yorkshire is one of 41 market towns set for a broadband speed boost
(Photo credit: johncooke via Flickr.com under the following Creative Commons licence)

The towns join the 785 exchange locations across the country BT has already revealed will be getting fibre under its rollout plan to date. BT also recently named six exchanges to get fibre after winning a web poll conducted by the telco.

BT defines market towns as having less than 10,000 premises and where the market town falls largely within a single exchange area. Market towns were previously excluded from BT's superfast broadband rollout on economic grounds owing to BT's policy of enabling all premises in an exchange area. The telco said it has now adapted this model to allow partial fibre rollouts within an exchange area so it can enable just the most densely populated parts of the exchange.

This means not all premises in the named towns should expect to get FTTC access.

BT said it is likely that a minority of premises in the 41 market towns will not initially be able to receive superfast broadband access "due to a combination of technical and economic reasons" - such as distance from the exchange, and the costs associated with hooking up premises in areas of low population density.

The telco is open to talks with local authorities to see if ways can be found to bring fibre to the excluded few, a BT spokesman added.

The telco's £2.5bn rollout will see superfast broadband download speeds of up to 40Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps put within reach of two-thirds of UK homes and businesses by 2015. A minority of the rollout - around a quarter - will get faster download speeds of up to 100Mbps via fibre-to-the-home technology.

BT added that FTTC technology could potentially support download speeds of up to 60Mbps and upload speeds of up to 15Mbps in the future.

To see the full list of 41 market towns on BT's fibre rollout map click through to page two...

The 41 market towns to get fibre:

ALFRETON East Midlands Derbyshire

BALDOCK East of England Hertfordshire

BATHGATE Scotland Lothian

BILLINGE North West Merseyside


BLANDFORD South West Dorset

DALKEITH Scotland Lothian

DARTMOUTH South West Devon

DEREHAM East of England Norfolk

DEVIZES South West Wiltshire

DORKING South East Surrey


EPPING East of England Essex

FAVERSHAM South East Kent

FILEY Yorkshire and The Humber North Yorkshire

FRINTON-ON-SEA East of England Essex

GREAT DUNMOW East of England Essex

HALSTEAD East of England Essex

HUNGERFORD South East Berkshire

KIDLINGTON South East Oxfordshire

KNUTSFORD North West Cheshire

MIRFIELD Yorkshire and The Humber West Yorkshire

MONTROSE Scotland Tayside

MORPETH North East Northumberland

NANTWICH North West Cheshire

NEWMARKET East of England Suffolk

OSWESTRY West Midlands Shropshire

PENRITH North West Cumbria

PONTYCYMMER Wales Mid Glamorgan

RAINFORD North West Merseyside

RIPLEY East Midlands Derbyshire

ROYSTON, SOUTH YORKSHIRE Yorkshire and The Humber South Yorkshire

SANDWICH South East Kent

SHEERNESS South East Kent

SHERINGHAM East of England Norfolk

STOCKSBRIDGE Yorkshire and The Humber South Yorkshire

STOURPORT West Midlands Hereford & Worcester

WALLINGFORD South East Oxfordshire

WENDOVER South East Buckinghamshire

WESTBURY South West Wiltshire

WIMBORNE South West Dorset

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