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Burstpoint Networks making it simple to add video to corporate applications

Video is increasingly important as a communications vehicle. Burstpoint Network thinks that it has developed a way to create, manage and deliver video content without using up the organization's whole networking budget.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Video is increasingly important as a communications vehicle. The problem, of course, is that video really gobbles up the network bandwidth. Burstpoint Networks believes that it has come up with a solution — The BurstPoint Video Communication Platform™ (VCP).

Burstpoint VCP allows organization to capture video and then use it in all sorts of ways to make their internal and external communications clear and understandable. BurstPoint VCP provides the functionality required to create and capture, edit and publish, distribute and deliver, and consume high-definition live and stored video content.

It appears to be a comprehensive solution to an emerging problem. Burstpoint VCP provides the following tools:

  • BurstPoint VCP Manager™: The hub of your video communications activities, the BurstPoint VCP Manager is an enterprise portal and management software that allows companies to view categorized content, drive video applications, manage video communications devices, and spearhead reporting. Gain in-depth visibility and control into the configuration, administration, and monitoring of user and group roles through LDAP integration.
  • BurstPoint VCP Encoder™: Operating behind the scenes, the BurstPoint VCP Encoder connects to any video source (DVD, camera, etc.) and converts video into a standard Microsoft Media format to ensure high-quality distribution and consumption.
  • BurstPoint VCP Conference Point™: Patented BurstPoint technology, the BurstPoint VCP Conference Point captures voice and video communications from multiple video conference systems, allowing organizations to initiate a live broadcast, sync with PowerPoint slides, or record for future on-demand use.
  • BurstPoint VCP Delivery Nodes™: The BurstPoint VCP Delivery Nodes provide on-demand and broadcast video delivery, supporting thousands of concurrent streams.
  • BurstPoint VCP Display Engine™: For all the company's digital signage needs, the BurstPoint VCP Display Engine allows playlists, on-demand, and live video to be displayed on plasma screens, TVs, LCDs, and more.

If your organization is adding video to its applicaitons, Burstpoint is worth a look.

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