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Casio camera sharpens its image

Casio today bolstered its digital camera efforts with the QV-100 LCD (£500 + VAT).
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The camera keeps many of the QV-10A's features but adds support for higher resolution images and ships with more memory. Images can be saved in Normal (320 x 250) and Fine (640 x 480) resolution modes. The device comes with 4Mb Flash memory and can store 64 Fine or 192 Normal resolution images.

Other features include fast forward and fast rewind of images, a rotatable lens, and an LCD display viewfinder. Images are uploaded to a PC or Macintosh via a supplied cable. Data can also be sent to another camera using an optional connection kit. Adobe's PhotoDeluxe image editing package is bundled for a limited period.

The QV-100 can link to Casio's recently released QG-100 colour printer which outputs images directly to adhesive tape.

Casio can be contacted by telephone on 0181-450 9131.

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