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Catholic Church seeks patron saint of Internet

Holy Web surfing! It's a battle for saintdom between Padre Pio and the Angel Gabriel...
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

The Internet received divine endorsement Tuesday following the revelation that the Catholic Church is searching for the patron saint of Internet surfing, according to Catholic magazine The Tablet.

The Tablet says that nuns and priests are regular Internet surfers, highlighting the need for some spiritual cyber-guidance, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Among the possible candidates for the patron saint of the Internet is father Padre Pio, a priest said to have mastered the gift of bilocation, or appearing in two places at once. The Catholic Church apparently believes this to be just the kind of skill that many Internet users aspire to.

Archangel Gabriel is reportedly the favoured choice of the Tablet, however, because he known as a message bearer and the Internet is built on communication.

A spokesman for Catholic Church is quoted saying that practising Catholics are also keen to see an Internet saint created. "They say moves to find an Internet saint are premature but pressure from grassroots Catholics could change that," he says.

This completely contradicts recent messages from the Church of England, warning of the moral dangers of the Internet.

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