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CBA banks on Gen-i for call centres

Gen-i will revamp the way the Commonwealth Bank does incoming calls as part of a new five-year contract it's secured with the bank.
Written by Suzanne Tindal, Contributor

The Commonwealth Bank has re-engaged New Zealand IT services provider Gen-i, to provide it with contact centre services in a new five-year contract.

Gen-i has been providing call centre services to the bank since 2000. It had also been providing the bank with voice and data services up until 2008, when it decided not to re-tender for that work, because of a decision to move away from being a telecommunications provider in order to focus on providing IT services.

As part of the new contract, Gen-i will help the bank move away from PBXs and call management systems that run on the premise, and, instead, will install a SIP-enabled, cloud-based call management system.

The new system, based on the Genesys suite of products, would allow more flexible working arrangements and would streamline the introduction of new client services and products, according to Gen-i managing director Australia Paul Wilson. It will also allow the intelligent routing of the over 100 million annual calls the bank receives, to the right customer service representative, from amongst the 1500 possible choices.

Quentin Boyes, executive general manager for direct channels at Commonwealth Bank, said it was critical for the bank to constantly look for ways to innovate and improve the customer experience.

"Our aim is to ensure we understand more about the reason a customer is calling, and then be able to have the call answered by the most suitably skilled customer service representative," Boyes said in a statement.

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