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CES taps green partner to offset impact of massive tech confab

Green the theme for CES.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

If you've been feeling green-guilty over how your attendance at next month's massive Consumer Electronics Show will affect the environment, you might be happy that the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is again putting a big focus on how its massive trade show impacts the planet.

The organization has hired EarthEra to help advise it about making the event as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible. This will include the purchase of green e-certified renewable energy certificates to counter the electricity used and carbon dioxide emissions produced by the show's physical footprint (including the hotel rooms you're staying in during your stay in Vegas).

Materials left behind in the Las Vegas Convention will be recycled by the facility on an ongoing basis through the Environmental Protection Agency's WasteWise Program, and the food you buy from Aramark while running around between meetings is sourced organically and locally. (The utensils and napkins you'll be using are biodegradable.)

CEA has also ponied up $50,000 that will go toward T-3 Motion electric vehicles to be used by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

If you're there looking for more information about green technology and which products are the greenest of their class, you should visit the Sustainable Planet exhibit area.

Here's more information on the "greening of CES."

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