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China country-level domain tops world's most-used

".cn" is now the world's most commonly used country-level domain, bypassing Germany's ".de", with 16.36 million users by end-2015, according to China Internet Network Information Center.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor

URLs ending with China's country code top-level domain, ".cn", have topped the global list of most commonly used.

It clocked 16.36 million users as of end-2015, bypassing Germany's ".de", according to the latest stats from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), which manages the domain.

The country also topped the world in domain resolution service, security, and ratio of "benign users", reported Xinhua News Agency, citing CNNIC's head Li Xiaodong. Real-name registration for domains in China was mandated in 2009.

At last month's World Internet Conference in Beijing, China President Xi Jinping urged nations against interfering in other each's internal affairs, noting specifically that internet sovereignty should remain the decision of each individual country.

Xi said the cyber realm should not become a "battlefield" between nations and called for greater global cooperation to combat cyberattacks and terrorism. He also defended China's control of websites, saying it was necessary to keep public order.

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