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Cisco snaps up Netiverse

Cisco is to acquire content delivery technology company Netiverse
Written by Margaret Kane, Contributor

Cisco Systems will acquire privately-held Netiverse in a stock deal worth around $210m. Netiverse's technology accelerates content delivery across networks. The idea is to help customers distribute web content and manage large amounts of Internet traffic.

Cisco, which previously held a 20 percent stake in Netiverse, said it would integrate Netiverse technology into its existing content networking solutions.

Cisco said it will account for the acquisition as a purchase and expects to complete the deal in the first quarter of fiscal 2001. The company will take a one-time charge of up to two cents per share to account for in-process research and development.

Cisco has said it plans to acquire between 20 and 25 firms this year. Netiverse would be the 13th company snapped up by the networking giant.

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