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Cisco to acquire network analysis firm Truviso

Cisco plans to acquire real-time network analytics firm Truviso, but financial terms were not disclosed.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Networking giant Cisco said on Thursday it plans to acquire Truviso for an undisclosed sum.

The California-based real-time network analytics company, which was founded in 2005, builds scalable reporting software for networks, allowing administrators to visually determine network health and status.

The company claims its software, often used by online advertising networks, is able to monitor and analyse up to half a million data records per second.

Cisco, which will acquire the technology and its team, said the deal could close in Q4 2012, ending in July.

Cisco plans to include the software with its Cisco Prime network management system to "increase operational efficiencies and drive new revenue streams for customers," Hilton Romanski, Cisco's head of corporate business development, wrote on the company blog.

Cisco Prime technology collects network statistics to provide an in-depth "analyse-first, store-later" overview of network traffic, allowing administrators gain instant insights into their network's performance.

The acquisition will give Cisco a further push in the direction to building intelligent networks.

"The Truviso acquisition reinforces Cisco’s commitment to delivering intelligent networks and supports our five foundational priorities by providing differentiated solutions with streaming real-time analytics for the core, data center, virtualization, collaboration, and video," Cisco said.


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