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Click gets browser and email - to launch as Click+

BT today announced its penny-per-minute Internet service for consumers. Click+, which officials describe as a "refined" version of its beleagured Click proposal, goes live tomorrow.
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

But less than a week after Oftel warned BT to stop poaching customers from other ISPs, the man charged with running the service is still insisting that "only one over-zealous salesperson" stepped out of line.

John Swingewood director for BT Internet and Multimedia Services told an audience of journalists at today's launch that a single salesperson had used BT records to target other ISPs customers. Oftel says this is "incorrect" and has confirmed that "several" complaints were made, investigated and confirmed.

Click+ has skipped around some of the "concerns" expressed by Oftel. Most notable is the addition of a free email service, talk21 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer V4.0. BT is not allowed under its licence to provide an integrated email service. talk21, which uses the Hotmail remote access model solves that problem by being a separate product.

Targeted at the "new user", BT has teamed up with Compaq to deliver Click+ software on its range of Presario consumer machines. Customers will run into Click+ branding in a national advertising campaign and can expect to see the Click+ homepage displayed on the company's multimedeia payphones which will be planted in UK streets in December.

Oftel has confirmed it has "not had a chance to look at Click+".

The service will launch on October 1st and not the 2nd as was previously reported.

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