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Code Red sets off new alarms

UPDATE: Despite its failure to swamp the Internet so far, experts say the server worm poses an increasing danger. A ZDNet UK News Focus
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The Code Red worm relaunched itself on Wednesday morning, leaving government and private security experts to debate over how much impact it is having. The worm takes advantage of a hole in Microsoft's Internet Information Server. Code Red was thought to have infected more than 350,000 systems at the height of its spread in June. NEWS
Code Red: Alive again and kicking
Thurs 2 Aug: It may not have caused the Internet to shut down, but new Code Red infections are growing, warn computer experts Code Red worm stays cool
Wed 1 Aug: Security patches seem to have kept the Net functioning through Code Red's latest potential outbreak. But experts say the danger is real Microsoft takes heat for Code Red
Wed 1 Aug: Microsoft is taking the blame for a hole in its Internet Information Server that allowed the worm to infect thousands of servers in its last outbreak FAQ: The Code Red threat
Wed 1 Aug: Your questions about the Code Red worm answered China expert denies Code Red is Chinese
Tues 31 July: A Chinese computer virus expert says the fast-spreading Internet worm as not made in China, despite Web sites being defaced with "Hacked by Chinese" Global alert for next round of Code Red
Tues 31 July: Security experts and the US government are publicly urging businesses worldwide to guard themselves against the Code Red worm - set to reactivate on Wednesday, with possibly dire consequences for the Internet 'Code Red' virus re-infection expected on 1 August
Fri 27 July: Thousands of servers are likely to be re-infected with the self-propagating Code Red worm when it strikes again next week Pentagon: Sites secure against Code Red
Wed 25 July: US government and military sites are back online after defences against Code Red are installed Pentagon closes Web sites to guard against worm
Tues 24 July Defence Department on "Code Red" alert against worm that has infected US government and military sites 'Code Red': So long, for now
Mon 23 July: The largely unsuccessful 'Code Red' worm gives system administrators some room to fix nearly 300,000 infected machines. Newer, more effective variants may be on the horizon, however Web worm targets White House
Fri 20 July: Code Red worm attacks the White House Web site, but security administrators dodged the attack by changing the address for the site Code Red' worm claims 12,000 servers
Thurs 19 July: Chinese worm has users of Microsoft's Internet Information Server seeing red HELP & HOW-TO:
How to protect yourself from Code Red
Tues 31 July:
The US government and Microsoft are urging users of Windows NT and 2000 to patch their IIS software by 31 July COMMENTARY:
Rupert Goodwins: The Code Red blues

The new deadline's been and gone, and Code Red hasn't come back. The predictions of disaster have been quietly filed away alongside Y2K, and the world gets on with panicking over recession, unemployment and global warming. We didn't die, this time, so let's get on.
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