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Comdex: Kodak look out, Acer's dye-sub could mean trouble

Taiwanese computer giant Acer has made a couple of surprise announcements at Comdex, not least because the PC company is getting into consumer peripherals as a way of boosting income.
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

Top of the list is a digital image processor that prints digital images using a built-in dye-sublimation printer. The FotoPrisa 200P looks like a black box with another box stuck to its side. On closer inspection the latter turns out to be a tray for loading 4 X 5in photographic paper.

Once you have downloaded images from a digital camera, the FotoPrisa prints them onto the paper in less than 3 minutes and the quality is, to the naked eye, every bit as good as a real photograph.

Jeh Lin, marketing manager for the FotoPrisa, reckons Acer's move into graphics peripherals could be something of a revolution: "There's a lot of potential in this market and I think we're hitting the right price points to make a difference in how people think about getting their photographs developed. If you've got a digital camera and the FotoPrisa, you really don't need to mess about any more."

The FotoPrisa will launch in the US during Q2 next year. A European launch is anticipated around the same time.

Available Spec:

  • 600 x 300 dpi high resolution images
  • 16.77 million grey tones
  • Auto feed for 25 sheets of photographic paper (approximately 50p/page)
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