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Convicts Reunited: A dot-con sensation?

Done time? Then get online...
Written by silicon.com staff, Contributor

Done time? Then get online...

The highly publicised success of Friends Reunited meant hordes of copycat sites were always likely to follow suit. And so, Convicts Reunited was launched - at first as a joke but then when it began to grow in popularity the site's creators decided to take the venture more seriously. Not seriously enough, however, to think it unwise to suggest ex-cons get together over a bank job or two (http://www.silicon.com/a50381 ). The largely humourless legal profession took a dim view of such an anti-rehabilitative comment and raised two words - "aiding" and "abetting" - which soon saw the site's creators hastily reword its homepage. But, now the site is up and running and deemed (almost) fit for public consumption, what can we expect to see on it. John Brown ('Fingers'):
"Currently living at home with my mum. Working as an estate agent, and am glad to be getting paid in a currency other than cigarettes and phonecards but thinking of returning to the 'trade' as being an estate agent feels too dishonest. Still see 'Razor' and 'Knuckles' at weekends." Geoff 'Bomber' Harris:
Working at a fireworks factory in Kent. Guess they didn't check my references! Brian 'the Torch' Smith:
"Still living in the Wormwood Scrubs area. See most of the lads for a couple of hours a night but thinking of moving away in 18 months or so. Maybe six if I keep my nose clean." The mind boggles. Joking aside though, it is another positive affirmation that the internet is effectively bringing people back together but where do we go next? Rumours abound of people setting up sites to reunite one-night stands, work mates and all manner of similarly tenuous instances when two lives collide. It probably won't be long before we are plumbing the depths with I-sat-next-to-you-on-a-plane.com or You-were-in-the-police-force-with-my-brother.com or I-was-your-taxi-driver.com, but guaranteed, the popularity of Friends Reunited will continue to snowball, and possibly even Convicts Reunited will be going strong.
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