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Dixons to resurrect thin client

Dixons, obsessed with the Internet and its burgeoning Net-savvy customers, announced Wednesday that it will launch a stripped down PC designed specifically for Net access.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor and  Richard Barry, Contributor

The machines will cost around £200 and according to a Dixons spokesperson may not be called computers, just "access machines".

Not satisfied with overwhelming the UK's ISP market with Freeserve, Dixons believes this "thin client" approach could be secret to conquering the desktop market.

The new computers will probably just provide email, Internet and domestic applications. Claiming many customers are put off by the complexity of modern PCs Dixons' Chairman, Stanley Kalms, describes them as, "de-specified computers".

The new computers sound remarkably similar to the new "itoaster" revealed by US company, Microworkz, last week.

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