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Dot-biz opens the door to cyber squatters

It'll all end in tears...
Written by Aled Herbert, Contributor

It'll all end in tears...

The dot-biz top-level domain name went live today as over 160,000 pre-registered names were
activated at 00:01 (EST). Other domain names in the pipeline include dot-aero, dot-name and dot-pro. The dot-info domain name was launched on 1 October. However, Neulevel, the registrar responsible for dot-biz, is still fighting a lawsuit that claims its registration process is illegal under Californian state law. Under the terms of its registration process, established brands are not guaranteed tenure of their own trademarks and have to compete with members of the public. The launch of the dot-biz and dot-info were postponed from 12 September because of the events in America.
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