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EC launches Your Europe

The European Commision has opened a portal for businesses which it hopes will be the starting point for pan-EU e-government services
Written by Jo Best, Contributor
The European Commission believes the the launch of a new portal will herald the arrival of the next generation of e-government services as well as help businesses in their contact with the EC.

The Your Europe Portal, which can be found here, has a section dedicated to e-services for businesses and is also charged with cutting through administrative red tape to help businesses from within the Union to win public sector contracts with foreign governments.

The portal provides advice for companies trying to expand overseas on topics including social security issues and how to register a business overseas. Your Europe also has its own area which focuses on open source, including case studies and ongoing trials in the public sector.

Commission vice-president Günter Verheugen described the portal as a key step towards pan-EU e-government.

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