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EE raises data caps on 4G mobile broadband plans

Customers signed up to EE's 4G mobile broadband plans now have increased data limits on their contracts following a bump in usage allowance quietly introduced by the network on Friday.
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor

EE has increased the amount of data new and existing customers receive on its mobile broadband plans, as well as introducing new 30-day options.

EE told ZDNet on Tuesday that all customers on its 2GB, 3GB or 5GB plans had the data caps increased on Friday, but they were yet to publicise the new limits.

Following the increase, customers on the 2GB plan now get 3GB, customers on the 3GB plan get 5GB, and customers that previously received 5GB of data now get 8GB. Pricing for all plans stays the same, an EE spokesperson told ZDNet, meaning that the now 3GB plan costs £15.99 and the 8GB costs £25.99 per month.

In addition to increasing the allowance for mobile broadband customers, EE also introduced new one-month SIM-only mobile broadband deal costing £15.99 per month for 5GB. There is also a new device-included (Mi-Fi or Dongle) 30 day mobile broadband offer that costs £12.99 for 1GB, EE said.

Mobile broadband add-ons differ from add-ons for customers on handset-inclusive or SIM-only phone deals. A 500MB mobile broadband top-up costs £6 and the largest add on is 2GB which costs £15.

The largest add-on for a SIM-only or handset contract is 8GB, whereas 5GB is the cap for mobile broadband. However, the company said it was considering increasing the limits on its mobile broadband plans to bring them in line with its other offers.

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