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Energis holds on to £200m Freeserve contract

Maybe someone there knew the account very well...
Written by Tony Hallett, Contributor

Maybe someone there knew the account very well...

Freeserve has renewed a contract, thought to be worth around £200m a year, for business telco Energis to supply it with networking and managed internet support services. ISP Freeserve was set up using the facilities of Planet Online, later purchased by Energis. This year, former Freeserve CEO John Pluthero took the top job at the troubled telco. Energis chairman Archie Norman said in a statement that the deal, alongside new client wins such as the Crown Prosecution Service and Tesco, shows the company isn't losing out to rivals because of its recent troubles. Separately, Sir Ian Gibson and Dr John Wells have been appointed as non-executive directors to the board of Chelys, the holding company for Energis in the UK and Ireland. Gibson is a former president of Nissan Europe and Wells teaches at Harvard Business School.
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