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Expedia results may spoil Lastminute.com party

Revenue figures Lastminute would kill for
Written by Eugene Lacey, Contributor

As the Martha Lane Fox show continues to dominate Internet finance news ahead of Lastminute.com's flotation, Expedia UK's recent results might just take some of the gloss off of the glamourous spin being put on Lastminute's performance by the ubiquitous Ms Fox.

Expedia reported Q4 revenues of £6.3 million, with commissions worth £566,821 -- well ahead of Lastminute's Q4 turnover figure of £409,000 on revenue of £4.3.million.

But this strong performance by the formidable Microsoft owned competitor does not appear to have dampened the city's enthusiasm for Lastminute, where grey market trading in Lastminute shares is reported to be brisk with values rising sharply.

Analysts seem happy that Ms Fox, and partner Brent Hobbermann, can continue to milk the free publicity that seems to surround them to build awareness of their brand and are equally satisfied, that they can continue the upward trend in revenue growth.

The lastminute.com flotation is causing shares to jump, Guy kewney knows it is all going to end in tears. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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