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Fibre-optic firm H2O changes its name to i3

The company, which specialises in putting fibre-optic cable in sewers to create high-speed broadband networks, is splitting into five divisions under one new name
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor

H2O Networks, which installs fibre-optic cable in sewers for high-speed broadband, is changing its name to i3 Group.

In addition, the Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside-based company is splitting its operations into five separate divisions under the i3 Group name, it said on Thursday. The divisions are Fibrecity Holdings, H2O Networks, Innovation Centre, World Wide Distribution Centre and H2O International.

The Fibrecity division will focus on routing cable through sewer pipes to create fibre networks for entire towns and cities in the UK. The company has already connected up two, Bournemouth and Dundee, with networks that promise100Mbps broadband.

H2O Networks provides business networks using another fibre-optic technology, Darc (derestricted access route connections). The Innovation Centre and World Wide Distribution Centre provide technical support, distribution, training and storage technology for the i3 group.

H2O International, the only fully new division, will work with partner companies and organisations abroad to make i3's fibre-optic technology available in other countries. It aims to service areas with limited connectivity and those that can support high-speed broadband. South Africa is the first overseas country to see i3 start building sewer-based fibre-optic networks.

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