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Five years ago: Hare virus up and running on Thursday

Companies bracing themselves for Thursday's triggering of the Hare virus at least have a range of detection tools on tap
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Hare is due to take effect on August 22 and again on September 22. The virus causes PCs to show the cryptic message: "ôHDEuthanasia by Demon Emperor: Hare Krsna, hare, hareà..ö", and overwrites any data it finds on the hard disk. Hare, also known as Hare.7610, Krsna and HDEuthanasia, is a stealth, polymorphic virus that has been reported all over the world, although it is not rated to be as dangerous as some other viruses that have been written to wreak havoc at a set date, most notably Michelangelo.

Specialists including McAfee, Symantec and S&S have all issued updates to their virus detection tools.

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