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Five years ago: IE 3.0 out now, Navigator follows Monday

Internet Explorer 3 is out now.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Netscape missed its chance to rain on Microsoft's parade when Internet Explorer (IE) 3.0 was released last night. As Microsoft celebrated getting its much-improved Web browser out of the door first, Netscape was reduced to leaving a sign on its home page, telling users that Navigator 3.0 would be released next Monday, August 19.

A Netscape UK spokesman had last week said that Navigator 3.0 would appear the day before Microsoft's coming out party for IE, earning the firm a point - however token - over Bill Gates's company. Instead, it ran a banner message on its home page, reading: 'Next Monday Netscape Will Take The Wraps Off The Final Version Of Navigator 3.0 And Reveal Why Internet Explorer Has A Long Way To Go'. The page went on to list Navigator advantages over IE claiming, speed, size, security and platform coverage made it the better choice.

The page also flagged the next version of the product, code-named Galileo. The upgrade will showcase what Netscape calls the Collaborative Net-top - tools to ease working across Internet and intra-net environments. Integration with CollabraShare document conferencing software, and enhancements to e-mail, Java and JavaScript will round out the package.

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