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Five years ago: Iiyama cuts 21-inch monitors to sub-£1K

Prices for 21-inch monitors are crashing through to three figures.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Iiyama, the Japanese monitor maker that has cut a swathe in the UK with its high-spec, low-price units, has cut prices for two models and expects street prices that duck the magical £1,000 mark for both. With Romtec market research giving Iiyama 34 per cent of the UK market for 21-inch displays, the company is well placed to take advantage of any shift.

The models concerned are the VisionMaster 21 (about £960 + VAT) and VisionMaster 21 Pro (about £99 + VAT). Prices have also been lowered on the firm's 17-inch VisionMaster 17 (£495 + VAT) and VisionMaster Pro 17 (£550).

"People who are buying a Pentium are buying a 17-inch monitor as standard," said an Iiyama spokeswoman. "For multimedia and CAD, 21-inch is preferable; we're trying to attract those 17-inch buyers to move up." 15 per cent of Iiyama screen sales are currently 21-inch, she added.

Iiyama can be contacted on 01438-314416.

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