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Five years ago: Many UK males spend 21 hours per week on home PCs

Many UK male home PC users regularly spend over 21 hours a week in front of their computers, according to a survey out today
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

First published 20 December 1996

The Gallup poll conducted for PC vendor AST claimed nine per cent of male PC users spend over 21 hours per week at the screen - an equivalent of a seventh of their lives - and 30 per cent spend two to five hours a week using their PCs. By comparison, 25 per cent of PC users watch TV for between six and 10 hours a week.

According to the poll, 22 per cent of the thousand users surveyed said that in order to make time for PC usage they watched less TV, nine per cent read less, and two per cent of dog owners cut 'walkies' time.

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