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Five years ago: Netscape to embrace Lotus replication technology

Netscape will become the first major browser to integrate Lotus Weblicator technology
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

Lotus has said that its Weblicator replication technology is to be integrated into leading third-party WWW browsers. Netscape will be the first major browser company to pledge interoperability with Weblicator and an official announcement is expected next Monday.

The Weblicator lets browsers collate, categorise and annotate Web pages for viewing offline. It also lets users store copies of fully indexed Web pages on hard drives, and simultaneously collect information stored on the Web and locally as part of the same document. Personal Agents let favourite sites be monitored for full personalisation.

For users of the Lotus Domino server, Weblicator offers Internet-based replication to synchronise updates.

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