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Five years ago: Samsung screens monitors for ease of use

Samsung Electronics has highlighted ease-of-use with the introduction of its Total Performance family of monitors
Written by Martin Lynch, Contributor

First published 5 February, 1997

Comprising seven models, the latest range comes in 15-inch, 17-inch and 21-inch flavours and marks a drive by the company to compete more aggressively on price in the low-end and mid-range arenas. Prices range from £259 + VAT for the entry-level SM500s 15-inch monitor through £1,599 + VAT for the professional, 21-inch SM1000p.

Ergonomic design was considered a priority with the monitor controls represented by a digital control panel on the front of the screen. An on-screen Display Director allows all aspects of the screen and image to be manipulated. According to Ali Demin, marketing direct for Samsung, "The design of our new monitors means they are no longer a desktop eye-sore."

The monitors support the VESA 85Hz refresh rate for high resolutions and flicker-free display. The 17-inch professional model also has a new micro-filter and almost-clear glass that promise to improve image contrast and brightness. All monitors are certified to the MPR-II low-radiation standard, conform to the Energy Star standards, and are Plug and Play compatible. Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports are available as an option.

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