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Five years ago: Web TVs will be a slow burn - Dataquest

The conventional wisdom that the TV nation will become the Web nation from the comfort of the living room sofa may not wash, according to a survey just out by market researcher Dataquest
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The data suggests 93 per cent of US homes have no long-term intention of buying an Internet-capable television or set-top box. Analysts have in the past said that big sales of such devices would be necessary to fire mass market Net acceptance. The findings are part of a new report, "Internet Television - The Next Boom or a Repeat of the Interactive Television Disaster?"

"The Internet television in its current form does not have significant market potential in Dataquest 's view," said Van Baker, director and principal analyst of the firm's digital consumer programme. "The interface and usability of the device leaves a lot of room for improvement, and the value to the consumer - especially the non-PC household - is questionable."

However, the researcher says that advances in local content, pricing and ease of use could give Web TVs a chance in the future.

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