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For efficiency, send your workers home!

Two companies have found that when staff work from home they are not only happier, but they're more productive as well. So how can you send your workers home?
Written by Stilgherrian , Contributor

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Internet service provider iiNet has found that its call centre staff working from home are not only happier, they're more productive as well. Customer contact solutions provider Salmat reckons that its Salmat At Home team is generating even greater benefits. So how can you send your workers home?

On Patch Monday this week, Stilgherrian speaks with the general manager of Salmat At Home, Jacob Murray-White. He explains that — once again — it's all about the human factor. Employers need to focus on training, occupational heath and safety, and the social aspects of the workplace.

Murray-White manages to get us excited about call centres and, surprisingly, says this can all be done without needing the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Patch Monday also has Stilgherrian's random look at the week's IT news, including a quick update on the Coalition's strategy to attack Labor's NBN.

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