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Four in 10 homes have no Web access

Government statistics reveal that a digital divide still exists, with around a third of households lacking Internet connectivity
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

New government statistics show the UK is failing to close its digital divide with four in 10 homes now without web access.

Figures from the ONS found 43 percent of households had no Internet connectivity. In Scotland, the figure rose to 52 percent. The South East remained the most connected region with only 33 percent of homes web-less.

The two main reasons for lack of Internet access were "I don't need it" and "I don't have the necessary skills". Other reasons included lack of equipment and having Internet access elsewhere.

Thirty percent of men reported never having been on the Internet, while 40 percent of women said the same.

Conversely, the population of Broadband Britain is growing apace, with high-speed Internet now making up more than 72 percent of connections.

There are nearly 14 million households on either dial-up or broadband, with 60 percent of Britons saying they have accessed the web in the last six months.

The Brits' favourite reason to use the web is to search for information on goods and services, followed by emailing.

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