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FriendsReunited to release 80s CD

If Kajagoogoo make a come back, we'll know who to blame
Written by Graham Hayday, Contributor

If Kajagoogoo make a come back, we'll know who to blame

FriendsReunited has helped put hundreds of thousands of people in touch with their old mates - now it's providing the soundtrack to accompany those nostalgic meetings. The husband and wife team behind the enormously successful operation are diversifying into the music business, and plan to release a series of branded CDs containing tracks voted for by users of the site. The first will be an 80s compilation, and is likely to hit the shops in November. Site co-founder, Steve Pankhurst, told Revolution magazine: "In some ways, it could be a bit risky, as you never know how things can turn out by involving your users." He added: "The CD could end up being slightly leftfield and feature The Cure and The Icicle Works. Or it could be very mainstream and feature the likes of Kajagoogoo and Katrina and the Waves." God help us... The CD will be released in conjunction with Universal Records and, if successful, is likely to be followed by others featuring tracks from other decades, according to the Guardian. There are also plans for a FriendsReunited concert with users choosing the line-up. So Limahl might have to get the hair dye out again one last time...
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