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Gameplay site hit by outage

As if liquidating most of its assets weren't enough, the online retailer's site goes temporarily offline due to technical problems
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

Troubled e-tailer Gameplay said on Friday that a technical glitch had left its Web site unavailable for part of the day on Thursday, but that it plans to continue operating the site for the near future.

The technical problem was caused by Gameplay's switch to a new Internet service provider, a representative said.

The pioneering online retailer, founded in 1995, has sold off many of its assets, but the proceeds will only allow it to continue operating for another one or two months, according to the company. Earlier this month Gameplay laid off most of its remaining 80 staff, and said it will be retaining a few core employees while it attempts to sell its remaining assets.

Gameplay still owns an interactive television business, online gaming and a UK-based ADSL broadband service.

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