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Google Fiber brings fast broadband speeds to Kansas City homes

The service, which is something of an experiment for Google, is finally delivering super-fast broadband to 'a few homes' in Kansas City.
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Google has started connecting homes to its fibre network for the first time, the company announced on Tuesday.

Google first announced its intention of rolling out super-fast fixed-line broadband back in early 2010, largely as an experiment. The company began laying fibre in Kansas City in February of this year, and now it is actually hooking up houses.

"We've been working in a few homes over the last few weeks to make sure we can deliver a great experience, and along the way we've thought a lot about what 'great' might mean," Google Fiber service delivery chief Alana Karen said in a blog post on Tuesday. "We're aiming for 'one and done' — one visit, everything working when we leave your home."

The company is already capitalising on the interest around its deployment. Last weekend, Google held its first hackathon in the Kansas City area, offering fibre connections to any hackers who wanted to try out the service's high speeds.

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