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Google Search Appliance capacity doubled

The new version of the device sees capacities increase to 30 million documents and beyond
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Google has doubled the capacity on its largest enterprise Search Appliance to 30 million documents.

As well as increasing the device's capacity, the search giant has added date and number range search and introduced new interface and documentation languages, taking the number of supported languages to 16.

"Today we shipped an all-new version of the Google Search Appliance with increased document capacity and some great new features. With this new release, the GB-5005 can now search up to 10 million documents while the GB-8008 can search a whopping 30 million," Google's search product manager, Nitin Mangtani, posted on the company's enterprise blog on Monday.

Mangtani added that users who wanted even more capacity could contact Google for this feature.

The Search Appliance combines hardware and software components and was introduced in 2002 for the corporate market, adding search functionality to company networks.

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